Stop kidding, Obama is ruining the USA

Anyone who can’t see it is delusional, dogmatic. In the USA, the president is doing almost nothing to benefit the United States, our prosperity or our future. Bin Laden is dead, now you need to do something for us at home. The United States is in the ER, and dying.

Global opinion of us, it seems, is apparently Obama’s primary concern, when it comes to problem solving. I don’t care if it means the French have a disapproving opinion of us, or a few Allah obsessed, fanatical, mass murdering Jihadi’s experience discomfort…The continued existence of our country and our way of life trumps concerns of what other countries, who hate us (hate us passionately), think of us. Obama thinks he is so wise, understanding, thoughtful, considerate and compassionate, when it comes to other people and their problems, when he is none.

When I studied eleventh grade history in my high school in Texas in the 90′s, in Coach Sanders’ class, there was not one page that held any contempt for the USA. In the textbook, we were a great country, the shining city on the hill. I don’t see anything in the books for future generations, but accusations and contempt for America.

Obama has thrown out the first pitch in a literal World Series to see if his government control and prosperity destroying goals can put an end to the proven, indisputable dependability of responsible government spending, limited government, low taxation and increased personal freedoms, basic conservative principles. He’d like us all to feel the same way about America as he does, – embarrassment, resent, contempt and disgust.

Conservative principles will win back our country from government control and Obama’s political war against every American.

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  2. utopia4u2 says:

    Obozo sees himself as akin to Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, or take your pick of any other “community organizer” especially those from Chicago. See video:

    I created this video from actual sound bytes from an Obozo press conference, where he states “but only I am the President of the United States” (Chicago Goon-Plantation translation: “I am boss-man now”)

  3. Vickus Slightham says:

    Thanks for the video! May I embed it? Keep em coming!
    Maybe you might be able to share some light on this?

    Have you ever heard Obama mention any of these “fundamental” America defining documents?
    – Declaration of Independence?
    - Bill of Rights?
    - Constitution?
    - Federalist Papers.

    I think he only thinks of them in terms of how to get around them, unnoticed!
    - As if they are like turnstiles to walk through on the way to a subway.
    But his annoyance is there because he knows that tea party patriots will discover any underhanded attempts by him to duck the rules.
    This isn’t Andrew Jackson times, with the ‘Trail of Tears.’ when a president did exactly what he wanted.
    or is it ?

  4. Shocckker says:

    I was planning to write as sobering remark in reply to the allegation that Pres. Obama is ruining America. But I realize that such asseertion is inspired by Tea Party fanaticism and racial biais rather than some reasoned logic. This, even though its author may be holding three to four university degrees. So, I decided instead to sound this word of caution to any American with yet a little intelligence left to still understand things more complicated than a big Mac and Kraft dinner: be very careful about what you wish for, wishes still do come true, you know. If you wish for a ruined America, it’ll never be too late for that and pres. Obama is not necessarily the only one to bring that about. Check into your own egotistical sense of American entitlement. Check into the limits to the power of the presidency as the framers envisioned it.

    If you did that, it would become clear to you that pres. Obama is not a miracle worker nor can he work some black magic in a political environment that is poisoned by petty jealousy and party dogmas. Oh by the way, when you say, “I am an American,” make sure you simply mean you are a citizen of the United States, and not that your Americanism is supposed to exempt from the adversities that vex the rest of the word. if you do, then you’re in for some rude awakening and will always be looking for a saviour to bail you out. Nothing ruins a nation quicker than when its citizens allow themselves to be inspired by this kind of a mind-set.

    • Udet says:

      Shocckker assumes that Republicans are uneducated racist red-necks. This has been one of the most brilliant propaganda lies by the Liberals, which is totally untrue. Who are the Republicans? They are largely the middle class. I am a fiscal conservative. What are my educational qualifications? I have two doctorates in science. Most tea-party members are middle class small business-people who get up and go to work every day. Who are the Democrats? They are largely the uneducated lower classes, with a layer on top of that of so-called intellectuals – university professors and some of the super-rich who assuage their consciences by supporting the Democrats. This country is teetering on the edge of financial collapse because of debt created almost exclusively by the Democrats. Democrats claim that it was the Bush tax cuts that created these deficits. In fact, after the Bush tax cuts, tax receipts to the Federal government went up every year until 2006 – something Liberals deny, but it is supported by IRS and GAO accounting. What caused the economic collapse of 2007? Certainly not the tax cuts, which increased revenue to the Federal Government. It was oil prices. The price of oil reached $150 a barrel. Were that to happen again, we would suffer another financial melt-down, in spite of our ‘brilliant’ current President. What do I think we should do? We need to drill everywhere we can for oil, we need to put up Nuclear power plants, we have to get all the natural gas we can. Solar and wind will never supply us with more than a tiny fraction of the energy we need. We need to slash government spending. Close all non-essential government Departments (EPA, OSHA, Dept. Educ., HUD, etc.) and means-test social security, medicare, etc. We need term-limits, a balanced budget constitutional amendment, we need to ban lobbyists. Only then will we be able to turn things around. What do I think of Obama? I am no mind-reader, so I cannot say for sure what his motives are. It is apparent though that he hates the US as presently constituted. He wishes to destroy the free-market system, and replace it with something like Cuba or Venezuela. The US will then become a third-world country filled with poverty and hopelessness. I oppose Obama totally because of his aims and policies, not because of the color of his skin. I would gladly support many black conservatives for president, including Herman Cain, or, if he could be persuaded to run, Thomas Sowell.

      • Golfer72 says:

        Thank you, Shocckker, I agree with you 100%. Drilling for oil and using our resources will put tens of thousands of Americans to work — directly and indirectly. That alone will increase our tax revenues, without increasing anybody else’s tax rates. Obama is attempting to ruin America. And it seems to be intentional. November 2012 can’t come fast enough.

  5. RH says:

    Shocckker, I think you mis-understood. The writer of the lead article is expressing his fear [not is wish!]. He says: Obama is ruining the USA. Ruining the united States was, of course, the dream of his father, who hated the success of the west, compared to struggling African and Muslim countries.

    I would be most interested if you could explain how Obama is not ruining the USA. Perhaps you could explain his need to plunge the USA into Trillions in debt, – that several generations from now will be responsible for.

    I would also like an explanation for his anti-energy policy.

  6. OBAMANATER says:

    Many of us have known, all along, what a fraud this clown is. What has always troubled me is that some 53% of the voting public were so easily fooled. Any thinking person, after his >2.5 years in office, could not, possibly, think of re-electing him. Nevertheless, there appears to still be some serious thought of his re-election-SCARY!!!!!!!! Are we a Nation in implode mode?

  7. Vickus Slightham says:

    Since OWS chaos has torn the political stage up, we have to re-asses almost everything. Occupy Wall Street is not the poor huddled masses showing their unity – 99%. It is a whole bunch of guilty white idiots ( who can waste away weeks of pay ) standing around thinking that they are making a massive impact on the evil capitalism that has made our prosperity and standard of living so high. They are merely getting a thrill out of destroying the economy of Manhattan.

  8. nighthawlk says:

    I’m new here so I’ll have some catching up to do. I’ve checked into Obama’s past from a child to the present ,and I tried to gain as much information as possible on his parents and siblings. NOT GOOD, folks. Not good at all.

    I’ve been telling as many people that I can concerning the on-going struggle that is going to split our nation into three parts. We have the Republicans moving towards Corporatism and the democrats moving towards a government of a combined Socialism, Marxist and Communism. ( these are the ideologies Obama studied and been involved with throughout his life. His parents were communists, his brother, John [I think is his name ] is a Marxist with ties with radical Muslims. But, anyway most of you already know those tid-bits of information.

    We need a President and Congress that will re-create our Nation by the Constitution
    and not ammend this and ammend that; reword this and reword that, but to go in and throw out the crap thats leading our nation on a path to destruction.

    I haven’t seen any third party that comes close. All they will do is ‘pittle’ around with bad policies and make them even worse. If enough voters can organize over the net we can have a write-in candidate thereby passing all the cumbersome problems in starting a new party. The party can be created after 2012.

    Does anyone have any ideas ?

  9. nighthawlk says:

    Corrections to my post, I apologize for my inaccuracies

    1. “ [Obama’s father was a Socialist
    2. “His mother was a communist sympathizer”.
    3. Obama’s brother “Obongo “Roy” and his cousin Odinga are Marxists”
    4. Obongo “is a Luo activist. militant Muslim and a Marxist who reportedly has made a pact with
    a hard-line Islamic group in Kenya to establish Shariah courts throughout the country"
    5. “Obama's Teen Mentor was Frank Marshall Davis, a known CPUSA member”
    6. Obama's Parents Met in a Russian Class (Back then it was the Communist USSR)
    7. Obama's Run for the Illinois State Senate was Launched by a Fundraiser Organized at
    Bill Ayers' and Bernardine Dorhn's Chicago Home - Ayers and Dorhn are former terrorists
    from the Weather Underground who's SDS organization received financial contributions from
    the CPUSA.
    8. Obama Had
    a Close Relationship with the "Anti-Capitalist" Group
    9. Obama Attended Several Meetings with the Democratic Socialists in Chicago and Was even
    Endorsed by Them
    10 Many Obama Supporters Idolize Che Guervara]”

  10. Das says:

    I think it’s funny and almost sad that you so called educated people think the economy is any persons fault. It’s funny that you think our president runs the country. The corporate and wealthy tax cuts did nothing and they won’t. Third world countries are cheaper with labor costs and materials……… are here to make money…bottom line…..if it means selling out the US that’s what we’ll do…if we can get away with not paying taxes…we won’t…look up the definition of “business”…make money and please the share holders….if you think getting rid of the Government’s involvement in Udet’s list is going to save you money…think again….our Government is a business and it’s goal is to make money…let’s get rid of public schools in favor of private….why…duhhhh…….we can make money with private schools…you think the patrons of the private school is going to pay for it…..ha…everyone is going to …that’s how it works……stop crying and live with it…you’ve got money and we as business owners want it…that’s why we went into business…..we’ll get it and give you entertainment to keep your mind off the fact that you don’t matter….Wake up!!!!!
    Uneducated…do you think you need a degree to see that something is seriously wrong….that my friend is a …….stupid….idiotic…….statement ….get your heads out of your asses and realize that it is not about the people anymore…it’s about party affiliation and money………..I’m pissed that intelligent people are so narrow minded…get out of your comfort zone and see whats going on…the middle class is dwindling and when it is gone there will be civil unrest…FACT….things are not working….things haven’t been working…(sorry about the language but we have a colorful language for a reason
    Signed: An uneducated business owner (28) years in an international market

  11. Das says:

    When George Bush stated that we needed to be on a level playing field with the rest of the world…I didn’t think he meant that I would have to lower my employes wages, cut their health, cancel any insurance policies, do away with benefits, and cut my profit margin….that is what the European market doesn’t give…oh and higher gas prices to match the European market

  12. jetman says:

    my grandfather competed with al cap0ne during prohibition… [Obama] is no a chicagoian.. he is an implant…. he may be a sodcialist but he is no chicagoian..

  13. missnola says:

    It continually amazes me how “uninformed” most Americans are about “correct” American History. Obama is not ruining America – he is simply continuing an agenda that was put in place long ago. I know it is hard for most people to swallow but this “political charade” has been going on for decades and the Presidents are not voted by the American people. I would recommend that anyone here who cares to know what is REALLY going on in this country please watch the video series below “America’s Secret Destiny” in its entirety. I guarantee you – you will look at the country you live in and Mr. Obama in an entirely new light:

  14. 77CASULL says:

    Please read the book, “Throw Them All Out”, by Peter Sweizer, which shows where the $14 trillion stimulus debt that didn’t produce enough jobs went to: the pockets of Obama, his donors, supporters, fund raisers, and butt kissers. After reading this book, I don’t see how any sane person, regardless of skin color, can vote for Obama and his Democratic cronies.

  15. 77CASULL says:

    Plus, Fast & Furious, where thousands of weapons fell into the hands of the Mexican drug cartels under the very nose of Holder and the ATF will be Obama’s Achilles heel: his impeachment. Once Obama is found to have known what Holder denies he knows, then the whole deck of Obamanation will fall into its natural grave: his manure nation of nothing but that all away someplace else but the U. S.–probably in Kenya, where he will be proven to have been actually born, as Sheriff Arpaio will eventually prove. Rep. Issa’s investigation of Fast & Furious should be pursued vigorously and the results will prove true, along with the contents of the book “Throw Them All Out,” by Peter Sweizer. This information should be broadcast daily until the 2012 election is over on Fox News,,,, and other conservative websites, radio, and TV. In addition, if we want Obama out, all you conservatives should flood free public forums on Yahoo, Twitter, Facebook, AOL, etc. because the amount of ignorance and stupidity there is staggering. That’s what probably got that ding bat elected in the first place. Obama is a ding bat of morals, because he has little or none. Also, read “Culture of Corruption,” by Michelle Malkin for the another true expose of Obama.

  16. 77CASULL says:

    Das, a lot of what you say sounds like an Obama supporter. It’s so negative and whatever, that I get sick just reading what you said. It amounts to no solution to the pile of manure Obama created with some blame on Bush. Under Bush, unemployment was 6.5%, under Obama it’s 9% or higher, and was 10%.–or maybe higher if you count those whose hours have been cut to 30 or less and those who’ve given up trying because they can’t find a job. Read “Throw Them All Out,” by Peter Sweizer and “Culture of Corruption,” by Michelle Malkin for the real truth about Obama. The former book shows where all that $14 trillion stimulus debt that didn’t produce enough jobs went to: Obama’s pockets and his donors, supporters, fund raisers, and butt kissers. Check out my facts and I’ll check out yours–for all my comments. I’M A SHOW ME MAN!

  17. 77CASULL says:

    To Shoccker, Das, and all those who think like them–mostly Obama butt kissers, seems like. PROVE WHAT YOU SAY! Check out my facts and I’ll check out yours as I stated in my other comments. I’M A SHOW ME MAN! Again, read “Throw Them All Out” and “Culture of Corruption.” Can you show me and all of us your facts that prove these two books are wrong? I doubt it very much.

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