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    What Effect Will “Occupy” Movement Have on 2012 Election?

    December 9th, 2011

    The question that is lurking in many of our minds is this; will the “Occupy” movement affect the 2012 election? And how much of an effect will it have? Will the movement help President Barack Obama keep his seat? Will it help Democrats keep control of the Senate with maybe even a filibuster-proof majority, and gain control of the House of Representatives?

    This is certainly a question many Democrats are definitely asking themselves now. We’re very hopeful of course. I’m sure as far as Republicans, there is trepidation about the “Occupy” movement, fearful that they may lose their gains from the 2010 midterm election which, thanks to the Tea Party crowd, they took control of the House and gained seats in the Senate.

    My predictions are that it will cause an upset so big that it might actually cause the Republican Party to consider a platform change; which would be a good thing. It is of my opinion that they moved in the wrong direction after the 2008 election of Barack Obama and they allowed extremist from the far right to dictate their direction. While the rest of the world is progressing and moving forward, with a much more enlightened approach, Republicans are stuck in a time warp. What’s keeping them in this time warp is the fact that the “Tea Party” base of their party are using their new-found clout to push out moderates and overload the Congress with extremist who are refusing to budge or compromise on anything with the Democrats. This is why our Congress is deadlocked and can’t get anything done to help our ailing country.

    Republican politicians are dismissing the “Occupy” protest with insults of who they are, which will not bode well for them come the next election. Calling them all losers and deadbeats isn’t accurate for one thing as many of the protestors are middle-class workers and also voters.

    Fortunately, the Democrats and President Obama are on board with the “Occupy” movement and stand behind it.  Obama, recently speaking at an event in Osawatomie, Kansas made it clear that the most defining issue facing the country today was the inequality of wealth, which is the main focus of the “Occupy” movement.

    Osawatomie, Kansas is famous because it’s where the late President Theodore Roosevelt gave his “New Nationalism” speech back in 1910 in which he said:

    Our country-this great Republic-means nothing unless it means the triumph of a real democracy, the triumph of popular government, and, in the long run, of an economic system under which each man shall be guaranteed the opportunity to show the best that there is in him.

    President Obama quoted the late president and made it clear that this would be what he built his 2012 campaign on. This would be wise, as this is the main concern in this country.  Most Americans are fed up with the status-quo; the rich getting richer and everyone else struggling to stay above water.  I believe that Obama can ride this wave right into the election and guarantee a sure win, as long as he doesn’t give in and again renew the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy.

    One thing is clear, the candidates for the Republican nomination for president, at least the ones who have any chance of winning, are making it very clear that they don’t support the “Occupy” movement, which they will live to regret. Even many Americans, who are not part of the movement, sympathize with the protestors and Republican candidates who wish to be president who don’t recognize the legitimacy of the movement’s cause, will find themselves out of touch and out of a new job come November 2012.

    As usual, the GOP in several state governments are putting their efforts toward seeing how many Democrats they can keep from voting in 2012 by passing Voter ID laws meant to affect many minority voters such as African-Americans, Hispanic Americans, along with the elderly and college students.  Republicans state lawmakers site voter fraud as being their reason but there is no evidence that there’s a serious problem with this issue, as very few cases have been found.  It’s really just a desperate attempt by the Republican Party to hold on to what they have when dissatisfied voters sweep through the polls come November 2012.

    I believe the GOP’s attempt to block Democratic voters from the polls this upcoming election will backfire on them, and instead, they’ll be like flash flood victims, trying to hold onto a blade of grass as the water come rushing at them, just before they’re washed out to sea.

    The “Occupy” protestors may seem just like a ragged bunch without much clout right now, but to discount their influence over this next election is a serious mistake by conservatives and one that will cost them.

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    Class War: America and the World on the Brink

    August 22nd, 2011

    Re-post from Fidler’s Political Review

    The biggest threat to democracy is a loss in faith in democracy by its people.  The same could be said about capitalism; if the majority of the population of a certain capitalist country was not benefitting from that type of economy, then they would demand a change.  And, if the government of that country refused to budge, and instead stood against the interest of the people of that country, something is going to change.  Either the government suppresses its people’s rights and begins to use brute force when its people rise up against it, or they find a way to satisfy the people’s needs.  The people are going to win in the end if they stand up in great numbers against its government.

    Let’s talk about capitalism and why it is a failure all by itself. It’s important to point out that capitalism is built on the idea that if you work hard for something, you will obtain it. That’s a good idea and it works as long as there are laws to go by. Why are there rules? We all know that we live in a world of con artists. There’s always someone out there who is looking to make money, small and large, by tricking people to believe something that isn’t really true.  As long there are con artists in this world, we will need laws.

    Sometimes the con artist is a politician and sometimes it’s a CEO of a big corporation.    When politicians and wealthy CEOs protest about regulations, it may be because those regulations keep them from playing their con as well as they’d like to.

    This brings us to the reason why capitalism in itself and by itself cannot work.  Capitalism is completely unsuccessful without at least some mix of socialism.  Of course, capitalism needs to be the main driving force behind the economy; it’s what motivates people in the first place.  What kind of life is it for anyone to go to work each day and not be able to dream? Dreaming about owning a home, about having nice things, wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for capitalism. Capitalism is about motivation and it’s what makes people work hard to obtain what they dream about.

    What happens, though, when capitalism allows only a few to prosper and leaves out everyone else?  What happens to a country when the dreaming stops and the population finally realizes that they’ve been conned and they’re not getting their piece of the pie? This is when capitalism will fail because the people will rise up and they will take their government back.

    That is to the extreme and hopefully the last resort of a people that feel they’ve completely lost their voice when it comes to their government and what happens to their economies.  The better alternative is to compromise, find common ground.  This has always worked before, at least in this country.

    Let’s talk about this country and what’s going on with it right now, and has been happening to it for the last couple of years.  We have always been governed by a two-party system, it has worked for us to some extent and we have prospered and we have grown as a country.  We became the champion of the world. Many respected us and some feared us.  But, they all respected our strength and the door to opportunity we provided to billions over the decades who have come to this country, been born in this country, lived and died in this country and have had a life they could truly call their own.

    I believe that this is changing and we’re losing our place in this world. I hope I’m wrong, but all of the signs seem to point to it.  I think this change began first when the United Supreme Court ruled in favor of Citizens United vs. FEC.  With this ruling, they opened the floodgates to the rich and powerful.  They allowed these few powerful men to grow much more powerful as now they could buy politicians, block legislation or even make legislation by simply throwing their money wherever they felt it would serve their interest best, regardless of what was best for the country.

    Got a problem with public labor unions in Wisconsin? Just grease the governor’s hand and the hands of all the legislators who’ll go along with your plans.  This plainly shows we’ve already seen the effects that ruling has had on our country.  I believe with all my heart that this was the wrong decision more than any other, even their decision in Bush vs. Gore which awarded George W. Bush the presidency and sent this country into a tailspin.

    I grew up believing that the U.S. Supreme Court would protect my rights even if the other branches of government failed.  I believed that they would at least have my best interest at heart.   I don’t believe that anymore.  It seems to me that big corporate interest became more important to some members of that panel of justices than the interest of its most vulnerable citizen.

    Our Congress is also in serious trouble and can’t seem to pass any legislation that helps this nation recover.  There’s also a clear sign that many conservatives are also waking up to the fact that for some reason,  the entitlement programs that we all count on being there for us are up for cuts and yet the Republicans in Congress won’t budge on raising the taxes on the wealthiest.  Their representatives were ready to take the country down to protect their wealth and that of their biggest contributors.  That is the reason why this is all about those big contributors and their ability to control the politician; they only have to throw money at it. They can have whatever they want thanks to the U.S. Supreme Court and their ruling.

    I do know one thing, if the super wealthy can manage to get their man in the White House and control of the Senate with the 2012 election, they will have more power than they’ve ever had.   We would begin to see worker’s rights deteriorate.  Unions would eventually be outlawed completely.  The economy would go down as the wealth of the few went up.  There would be a massive loss of jobs and the jobs that are added would be lower wage jobs.  Eventually the minimum wage law would be overturned either by the Congress or by the courts; the conservative majority would find some way to rule it unconstitutional. That would lead to massive population moves to below the poverty line.

    Entitlement programs would eventually disappear as they cost too much to maintain. They’d want to shrink government which means they wouldn’t want regulations controlling their profitmaking and they wouldn’t want taxes on their profits.  The shrinking of government would mean less money into social programs like grants to help kids who can’t afford to go to college and health care programs for kids and poor families.

    There is a breaking point but I don’t know where that breaking point is or when it will finally boil over.  History says that it will happen and it will happen unless there is a reversal of Citizens United vs. FEC which I don’t see happening in the near future.  There is clearly a conservative majority on the U.S. Supreme Court and the make-up of that court is not going to change anytime soon.

    “Class War” may seem like a dirty word but it fits well with what’s happening to our country now.  Gridlock to protect the wealthy while the country falters on the edge of bankruptcy is a clear sign that something has got to give.  If the future of America is going to be about more for the wealthy and less for everyone else, then you can count on a change eventually.  That change hopefully will come peacefully by elections; revolutions are for when there are no other solutions.

    Our two-party system depends on both parties working together to find solutions, with both sides trying to protect their own interest but willing to compromise to find solutions.  When that system is suddenly blocked by one of those parties deciding that they will no longer compromise, it creates a roadblock that blocks off our economy’s growth and ultimately its prosperity.  The populace will suffer and the wealthy will make out like bandits – pun intended.

    One silver lining is that most Americans understand that there are certain groups that are using their newfound powers to push their agenda and ideology on everyone, even at the risk of destroying the country.  Let’s hope that this understanding carries over into the ballot box next election and keeps the country in safe hands.

    All of this goes to show us that money can’t always hide the truth; people still find out the truth and the truth always wins out in the end.


    The Meaning Of Freedom For Some

    July 7th, 2011

    Re-post from Fidler’s Political Review:


    Here in this country many of us have different ideas about what freedom means.   A lot of our differences has to do with our ideology.  There are still certain ideas of freedom that we all share as Americans and as a free people.  All of us believe in the freedom to pursue happiness, as long as it doesn’t infringe on the rights of others.

    We all love the freedom to choose what we wish to do with our lives as far as education and career choices, as well as choose the one we wish to marry and spend the rest of our lives with.  Of course the latter, though a freedom we all want for ourselves, we don’t  all want the same for all Americans.  Some of us feel that only certain people can be together when it comes to marriage and only certain people should have that right.

    We also all believe that we should be able to choose what happens to our own bodies.  This freedom is also one that is desired by all but there are also  some who believe that others shouldn’t have that right.

    We also all love freedom of religion, but still;  there are those of us who even though we love it for ourselves, we don’t think everyone should have that right.

    Even if freedom is viewed differently by different people, all Americans should be able to enjoy the same freedom.   For someone to feel that others shouldn’t enjoy the same freedoms as themselves,  seems rather selfish and self-centered.  Unfortunately, this is the opinion of a great number of conservatives.   But lets not be unfair; surely there are some fairly good reasons that conservatives feel that certain others shouldn’t enjoy the same freedom.

    Let’s start with “The freedom to marry the one you love”.   This of course has to do with the idea that it is right for a man and a woman to be together;  it’s what God intended.   First,  even though I’m sure God intended for man and woman to be together so that there would be procreation and we would continue to multiply;  it wouldn’t hurt if we slowed that down some but I do understand it’s importance.

    But,  I also don’t think God intended that certain people who are born different from everyone else, be treated differently by everyone else as far as their rights.  I’m not only referring to a gay person but also another kind of person; maybe someone who is physically handicapped, or let me mention this word “hermaphrodite“? For those of you who are not familiar with the term a hermaphrodite is:

    1. An animal or plant exhibiting hermaphroditism.
    2. Something that is a combination of disparate or contradictory elements.

    Read more:

    A human hermaphrodite is considered someone who was born with both sex organ;  thus making them both male and female.  Of course, this is much more rare than someone being gay, but there are some similarities between the two.   The one similarities between the two is that they are stuck in a predicament; and that is, they can not marry the one they love without crossing over the line for conservatives.
    Now conservatives say that homosexuals choose to be the way they are;  kind of like one day someone says to themselves;  I think I’ll be gay, and suddenly they’re feeling attracted to their same-sex.  Since I happen to be one of those gays, I’d like to ask one question of conservatives;  did they too choose to be heterosexual; or was that different and they just naturally fell into it?   If the answer is;  they naturally fell into it, then what makes them think it’s any different for gays?
    I think the most important thing here is that this deals with another freedom that we all believe in; freedom of religion.  My question would be;  why are you thrusting your religion upon me?  Or do you also think that this is a right that you should enjoy but not others?
    So lets talk about “Freedom of religion“.   We all know that the Christianity is the largest practiced religion here in the America.  Also that Christian religion is divided by several different sects or as we call them; denominations.  I call them divisions of the believer;  but that’s another blog on another blog site.
    Other faiths are practiced in America too and most of them are at least tolerated by the conservatives, but not all.   The Muslim faith is practiced here but there are those who try to stop it.   They feel that the Muslim faith promotes violence and hate.  What they refuse to see is that so does the Christian faith;  or at least an extreme version of it, the same as there is extremist in the Muslim faith.
    I’m of the Christian faith but one of the most important aspect of my faith is that I chose to have it;  it wasn’t forced upon me.  My freedom to practice it is a very important freedom that I take very seriously.   I’m also sure that many of my conservative friends out there feel the same when it comes to their faith.   What those conservatives always seem to fail to understand is  the fact that Muslims feel the same way about their faith.  Think about it;  how would you like a certain group of people go out of their way to stop you from worshiping your God in the way you choose to worship him?
    Then there are our bodies;  they belong to us.  All you have to do is think of yourself, which is something that I know many of you find easy to do.  Think of your own body;  what if the government told you that you would need to be sterilized; cut off from being able to have children;  how would that make you feel?  Of course we’re talking about Abortion here.   I too hate Abortion;  I think it’s a terrible thing for a woman to do.   The difference I have is that,  though I find it abhorrent,  I also feel that it’s not up to me;  it’s up to that woman.   She will be the one who lives with the consequences.   Is it murder?  Maybe and maybe not;  that will be up to God to decide.
    Conservatives believe that Freedom has to do with limited government.  Okay;  I can go along with that to some extent.   Thing is;  what I think conservatives mean by limited government is:   They don’t want to take any responsibility for anyone else, no matter how unfortunate they may be.   They want sick people to find a place to just die if they can’t afford health insurance.  They really just don’t want to know about it, and if you tell them about it; they just blame it on laziness.    Just don’t expect anything from them; no taxes; no accountability and no regulations.
    Then give them in return;  law enforcement at a dirt cheap price,  because they don’t feel they should have to pay much for it.   A military;  so that they can go fight new wars in oil-rich countries to keep feeding their growing addiction for that old black gold; and lots of constitutional amendments like;  to block gays from getting married;  illegal immigrant children from becoming citizens and Muslims from practicing their faith.  But lets not forget, they’re all really strict constitutionalists.
    I agree more with Ron Paul more than I do even many Democrats; except when it comes to low taxes for the wealthy.  I think limited government is a good thing, up to a certain point.  But the very idea that we as a nation can turn our backs on someone who is ill and needs medical care,  doesn’t make us a Christian nation;  but an hypocritical nation;  a very non-compassionate  nation.
    It reminds me of the that movie; The Beach,  starring Leonardo DiCaprio,  were everyone was having such a wonderful time; enjoying life away from civilization and not having any rules or regulation.  True freedom!  Then one of their members was attacked severely by a shark.   The man’s suffered in pain while they looked on.  Finally they decided that they just couldn’t stand to listen to him anymore and they carried him somewhere and left him to die.  They did this so that they wouldn’t have to listen to his cries of pain while they went on enjoying their wonderful island life. Of course,  Leo’s role ended up being the compassionate one and tried to care for the poor guy whose body had been chewed up terribly by the shark.
    Freedom is precious to us all and none of us should be limited on how much freedom we have.  We don’t live in a bubble and we don’t live on an island.  As a Christian, a Progressive and  a member of the human race;  I just ask conservatives to give me the same rights as they expect for themselves.  In return,  I will give them their right to practice their religion and to carry their gun to bed with them at night.


    The Tea Party And The Death Of The Republican Party

    June 6th, 2011

    This is a re-post from:  Fidler’s Political Review

    I, like a lot of Liberals; really got tired of listening to the media worshiping the ground that the Tea Party walked on.   As far as I’m concerned; these loud mouth bigots don’t deserve media attention.

    What I do believe is that the Republican party is having a difficult time having a solid identity right now.  What it does seem to me is;  they are moving in the wrong direction,  and if they continue down that road; it will bring the party’s destruction.

    Back in 2006 the Democrats were given back the reins of power and in 2008; they were given back the White House.  Now it would seem to be that if the American public wanted to keep a bunch of narrow-minded policies; why would they go and put the Liberals back in charge?

    What really happened is the bigots came out of the woodwork when a black man was put into the White House.  Complete anger from that “Angry White Men” crowd that a black man dare take the seat that has always been occupied by a white man.

    Bigotry is very real in this country; and  it stays hidden within the confines of both lower class and upper class echelons.  Of course; we’ve come along way; fortunately bigotry is not acceptable to society anymore, and this is why it stays hidden. Though bigotry does not have an exclusive party affiliation, most generally bigots are usually Republicans.

    I do think this is what caused the birth of the Tea Party and it wasn’t because of any of the policies of this president.  Not for one minute do I believe that these same people would have formed a group in protest if it had been a white Democrat man; or in fact a  white woman. If Hilary had been the Democrat’s nominee and had won the presidency; there would have never been a Tea Party.

    I do think that the Tea Party has forced the Republican party to move much further to the Right than the average citizens of this country.  When the Republicans lost both in 2006 and in 2008, they were on their way down; their support had dropped to record lows.

    Then the really true and faithful to the Republican party; the extreme Right,  came out to demand everyone’s ear.  This is what the Republicans were left with; a large band of narrow-minded bigots who didn’t like the fact a black man got into the White House.   It became obvious what their motivation was by the signs they were carrying in protest; making Obama look like Hitler and the Joker; insults to him concerning Socialism, Communism and even Nazism.  No, these were no normal attacks upon a sitting president; even Clinton during the Monica Lewinsky scandal got less vitriol.

    What is happening over the course of time is, the majority of Americans are getting to know the Republican party even better and they don’t like what they see.  They see a party so filled with the need to strip social programs and entitlement programs to lower the deficit but refuse to even budge when it comes to raising taxes on their favorite constituents; the Super Rich.

    They showed their face in Wisconsin with Governor Scott Brown trying to strip the rights of public employees and the legislation going on in other Republican-run states to also strip public employees of their union rights. They showed their hand well in the Paul Ryan budget; “Path To Prosperity”; a  budget plan that would change Medicare into a voucher system; handing it over to the private insurance market.  Is this because the private insurance industry has done such a brilliant job with the health care of everyone else?  Of course not; but because  they know who greases their palm when it comes time for campaign donations.

    The American public is growing more liberal as the younger and more enlightened generations take over from their older and more conservative predecessors.  The Republicans move to the Right has taken them in the opposite direction of the majority of Americans.  They won the last election because they are still very good at what they do to win elections and that is by spreading a lot of untruths and building up fear.  That old dog is dying and they’re going to need to find more substance than fear if they intend to continue to be viable to the American public.

    We as a country need at least two political parties to run this country.  It’s about balance; neither side is completely right as neither side is completely wrong.  We need leaders who know how to find balance and who’s willing to find compromise for the good of the country.   We don’t need one group of people who don’t even represent a majority of Americans, dictating to our elected officials what they must do.   If they make it impossible for moderate Republicans to get elected, and instead they end up with a bunch of Tea Party candidates, including the Republican nominee for president; they will find themselves losing a great deal of seats come November 2012.

    Independents and even a majority of Republican voters do not like the idea of destroying Medicare, which is on the top of the agenda for Republicans when it comes to budget slashing.  Right now; it seems a lot of Republicans are in denial; they have convinced themselves that they’ll be able to persuade the American public on their plan to change their Medicare.  This is a big mistake; they will be  waking up the Wednesday morning after Election day, wondering where they went wrong.

    I do think that if the Republicans lose big time in 2012;  it will be a clear sign that they’re on their way out. Of course; we may get a new Republican party;  one that sees the need to seek middle ground and reach across the aisle.

    There are a lot of good things that the Republican party brings to the table but we can not afford the same kind of policy they had during the Bush administration when they were in power in both houses of Congress and the White House.  A policy of  “Our way or the highway”  doesn’t work for our government or our country.

    Our elected officials are there to serve the majority of Americans; not a fringe minority like the Tea Party.  We have a Supreme Court that suppose to be nonpartisan to look out for minorities in this country that may some way be disenfranchised in our society;  I doubt the Tea Party fits into that category.  If Republicans insist that they’re going to obey the Tea Party in every vote it takes;  they will leave the American people no choice but to vote against them come November 2012.



    Medicare: How Do We Save It?

    May 29th, 2011

    I think it can pretty well be said that the Ryan Budget: Path To Prosperity; is not going anywhere and good riddance to it.  No one that’s growing older and thinking about old age and wondering how they’ll survive; likes the Ryan Budget Plan.

    And, up to this point the Democrats are sitting on their hands; thinking that the Republicans have surely cut their own throats with a rusty knife this time for sure.  That maybe true; it’s yet to be seen and we have a long ways to go before we reach the November 2012 election.  What we the People need now is a Congress that is more concerned with our needs than their party’s needs or their richest constituent, or their own personal needs.  We elected these people to be civil servants and serve all of us; not a select few who can line their pockets.

    So it looks like it’s up to us to come up with a way to save Medicare, and we can do it the old fashion way; we can discuss it like adults important issues that affects us all.  That is with respect and understanding.  We first must realize that we agree on one thing; we don’t want Medicare to end.

    This is the problem we have with our legislators; one party; the Republicans, want to get rid of Medicare as we know it; instead they want to give several billions of dollars in more tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans. Basically, they want to give millionaires and billionaires; $100,000 a year in tax cuts on the backs of the health care of those over 65, who would be paying $6,000 more out of their own pockets a year for health care.  Yes, that same health care program that they had to contribute money out of every paycheck throughout their long lives.  The same program that they were promised that in their twilight years they would no longer need to worry about their health care.  “Sorry folks” say the Republicans in Congress; “We need that money you’ve been paying in all your life for a nice tax cut for the wealthiest, because they need it more than you do.”.

    This is not going to cut it for the average American out there; I don’t care if they’re  Conservative, Liberal, or Libertarian; the Ryan’s Budget plan to kill Medicare is dead in the water.

    The other party; the Democrats, not a thing to show.  They of course got burned in the last election because they tried to do something about health care in general and a lot of misinformation got spread around like; “The Democrats are trying to kill grandmother!”.  The bill they finally came up with was far from what it needed to be but it was the best they could get out of a party that was playing “Grease my hand” politics while the other party was playing “I won’t come out to play because you beat me in the last election”.  Grow up Children; we need grownups guiding the ship.

    So we need solutions.  One solution that would change how doctors are paid and would save billions of dollars, would pay a doctor to treat a patient for a certain illness, not by every treatment and every doctor’s visit and every test that’s run; but for treatment of the patience illness.  For instance; if a patient has diabetes; paying the doctor a lump sum to treat that certain patient for illness.  This is one of the solutions offered in the Affordable Care Act, or as many of you readers might like to call it; ObamaCare.

    The cost of health care and it’s continuing rise is the major problem we face now. The biggest problem with ObamaCare is that it does not address the cost of health care enough.

    Another big problem with health care in this country is obesity and all of the health complications that comes with it.  We as a nation are spoiled rotten and we’re so use to stuffing our faces. It’s costing us big time in health care cost.  We need a strong preventive system in this country that can only be accomplished through a single-payer system.  This is about teaching our population to take better care of themselves and catching disease and illness early so that early treatment can not only save countless lives but also billions of dollars in health care cost.

    One of the difficult problems with fixing health care in this country is the grip that the Market has on it.  As long as Big Money has an interest in health care and an interest in keeping the cost rising; it will continue to rise.  The only way then to actually fix it is to completely take it off of the market.  I know; that’s a huge move toward socialism.   I will tell you what we will become if we do not take care of our health care and see that every person in this country is taken care of when they are sick; we will become monsters.

    I can say one thing for myself; I’m willing to throw in an extra ten bucks every paycheck to secure my Medicare and my Social Security if I need to, so I can help in doing my part. I also betcha that there are many of us that would give up a little of our income now to feel secure that Medicare and Social Security would be there for us when we needed it the most.

    But, I don’t want the Republicans to finally manage to get back control of everything like they did during the George W. Bush years; with control of the White House and both houses of Congress, and then take what I’m paying in and take away my Medicare and hand a huge tax cut to the wealthy.  Republicans love to talk about redistribution of wealth; I think this is a really fine example of what they’ve been talking about, but it’s the other way around.

    How about you rich folk; are you willing to give up some tax cuts to help save a program we know you don’t need but  many of the rest of us do?  If so; then tell your Republican members in Congress that.

    Yes, we need to do something to fix Medicare and Social Security, but it’s going to take all of us to contribute and offer a fix.  I personally think we should give Medicare to all.  Surely we can create a program that assures every American that they don’t have to worry about money when a medical crisis happens to them.  It won’t be perfect but that’s why we have a Congress and a president.  Let’s drop the party affiliations and get the job done.