So, now the United States is on  path to its certain doom, even more. – Guess what % white people voted for Obama? here



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  1. RH says:


    You see clearly the mess our country has landed itself in.
    Question for the rest of us….
    Do we let whoever wishes just take us over?
    - like the Muslims are taking over Europe?
    - like the Chinese have crippled our dollar?
    Do we continue to allow our children, and so the next generation, to be indoctrinated with appeasement values and history that omits that this country was founded on individual freedom?
    Many within the USA are fussing about social issues when the major problem is that we are collapsing and wont have the USA as we know it?
    - What does it matter if gays have marriage or not when, if Sharia becomes law, gays will not be allowed to exist.
    - What does it matter if we have abortion rights or not when, if China takes over, we will be reduced to having one child only, and will be treated, at best, as the Chinese are treated by their government.

    • Jack says:

      It is vitally important that we protect our country from outside threats. It is vitally important that we remain alert to indoctrination of (particularly) our youth by the far left and radical Islam. It is vitally important that we teach and show our youth the heritage of our great nation, its founders, its beliefs, its history, and its defense of individual freedom. It is also vitally important that we pay close attention to what you call just “social issues”. Abortion is infanticide. When we kill our unborn, we deny that person one of the freedoms we expect for ourselves – Life. When we as a nation say that it is OK to abort our unborn, we move to the depths of lunacy. I guess I’m saying that there is not much worse in this sorry world than abandoning our humanity and our morality.

  2. blujonny says:

    I can see why some think conservatives are not as ‘charitable’ as supposedly their liberal counterparts are. I think this might be more to do with the perception that conservatives are believed to not give much personal time or consideration to causes even if they do donate money personally or through their own church organizations. You may find that most volunteers who serve in Africa, etc. are more liberal minded as their emotions are more extrovert and more intense and because their giving values lie less in giving money than in donating personal time. Also I would argue that conservatives are less likely to wear their emotions on their sleeves as opposed to liberals. Also more liberals are more interested in spreading the wealth thereby taking away the value they see in their own personal money, supposedly.

    • Vickus Slightham says:

      It is my perception that liberals think that throwing money at a problem automatically is the solution and it gives them the glory of being a helper for the cause and once the money is given, they can walk away, as if a saint, immune from accountability of the actual turnout of the cause. See Susan Sarandon, Bono, Robert de Niro, Bill Gates (Microsoft), Eric Schmidt (Google) Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) – All people with, apart from work, nothing but money.

    • eshoop says:

      Liberals love to portray themselves as “compassionate,” although they tend to be generous with OPM (other people’s money). They also claim that wealthy people only care about themselves It plays into the whole nanny state, big gov stuff, trying to convince the sheeple that only government cares for them.

      It may be useful to have an organization that compiles/reports stats on individual charitable donations, while respecting the privacy of the givers. When people have the info that charities are more effective and better run than gov programs (with outrageous overhead), and are funded to a large extent by anonymous donors, they may be less inclined to vilify the rich.

      (I’m a former Lefty, who wore a button that said, “EAT THE RICH!”)

  3. Vickus Slightham says:

    I’m sorry, but I can’t watch this contemptible, sarcastic, America hating man anymore and his liberal cult devotion, as much as I’ve committed to this site. – I have a life to live. My 67 year old dad, even, gets very annoyed if he discovers me watching. I’d have to wake up at 6 am to fit it in. I’d do that for Rush, or Bill, but not Stewart.
    Is there anyone out there who watches Stewart between bong hits? Could you please take over commenting on this thread? – Help me out,
    I’m looking for the woman of my dreams, right now, and that’s slightly more important.
    - Vickus

  4. fidlerten says:

    I have to admit, listening to conservatives talk, I can tell that we have a completely different worldview; as I’m a diehard Liberal; through and through. And, the more I listen to you guys, I understand well why I’m a liberal.

    What always upsets me the most about most conservatives (and many of them are my friends) is that they say they hate government, but they want government for the things that they personally like but all the rest is just too much government and too much interference from government.

    Lets take your view on abortion; yes you want government to step in and stop abortion, but you don’t want government to take responsibility for the many children born to poverty and the lack of health care for those children. So it seems that you care about unborn children but once they’re out of the womb, they’re on their own.

    You don’t want government to touch your Medicare, like it’s a privately ran operation; which by the way runs a lot better than private insurance. No, Medicare is part of the government as is Social Security. Fortunately, some of you maybe waking up from the bad dream that you’ve been having most of your lives because you’ve been brainwashed and hypnotized by Fox News. Time to change the channel guys and listen to some real news. You’d do better to watch CPAN; at least you’d be getting the truth finally. It’s not government who wants to take all your money but the super rich; they can never get enough and they don’t like you touching what they have accumulated; they’re precious and so dear; money.

    Republicans in Washington don’t care about most of you people, unless you’re wealthy because that’s the only people they’re really serving. Oh yes, they’ll play up to your moral values and they’ll string you along about job growth and small government and lowering the deficit, but they’re only interested in one thing; taking money out of all of our pockets and handing it over to the most wealthiest and most powerful people in the world. They are buying you lock, stock and barrel and you’re standing by letting them because you think big old bad government is the real enemy. What’s happening is the rich guy is picketing your pocket while you’re too bus waving your anti-Obama sign.
    Government my friends is what we make it; big corporations aren’t. We have at least some say about what goes on in government, we just need to take our blinders off. We have no control over large corporations who spend millions of dollars getting your representatives in the Republican party, and some of my representatives in the Democratic party to vote for or against legislation in their favor, so that they can continue to make billions. They are slowly draining our economy while you folks sit around talking about how you want smaller government.

    I will tell you how to create a government that really is a government of the People; take the money out of the equation. Lets publicly fund all campaigns that can meet certain criteria like a petition signed by so many registered voters; depending on the office the candidate is running from. Then make it completely illegal to give campaign donations to any candidate.

    If people want to give to help their political view, they can give to these outside of government non-profit political organizations to carry their message. Our elected officials really shouldn’t be influenced by money in any way to do what they believe is right when it comes to their votes on the floor of the House and Senate; or the actions they take as any elected official. If we want honest people in our government, then take away the incentive to be dishonest. Then maybe some ordinary people like many of us are, can actually run for any office in this land if we can simply take out of the equation; the need to raise lots of money just to be viable, or either be independently wealthy and don’t need donations. Think about that folks.

    If you want to find the real enemy of this economy of of ALL working class people, do what any good private investigator would do; follow the money. If you think Medicare and Social Security are the things draining our system; follow the money.

    Think about it this way; ten friends go out for pizza. They order a pizza and it has ten slices. One guy takes eight slices and tells the other eight guys that they get what’s left. That’s basically what the rich are doing to us; they’re taking the motherlode of the all the wealth and leaving the rest of us to fight over what’s left; the two little slices. Does that sound like opportunity in America to you?

    Come on guys; it’s true; Democrats have got their problems and they surely could work with the Republicans more on some serious issues that we need resolved and we do need some grownups in Washington to solve them. What the Republicans are doing is playing a really dangerous game for themselves to serve their real masters; the wealthy. They want to get rid of Medicare as we know it. This is not a Conservative or a Liberal issue my friends; it’s a class issue. We have all paid into this system and we all expect, or at least expected it to be there when we grew old and our health began falling down on us.

    So why don’t we stop arguing over our differences and start looking for solutions that we can all agree on; like how to save our economy, our country and our entitlement programs? Things have to change, but the Paul Ryan Budget plan is definitely not the way to go.

    And I’m sorry; I’m tired of the insurance companies running health care and leaving so many people without something they absolutely need, when they need it. I agree, we don’t need to be force to pay for health insurance. What we need is a single-payer system. Though you like it or not; health care is one thing that needs to be ran by the government because it’s an essential part of any society to take care of those who are sick. The idea of “For-Profit” health care is just morally wrong. You guys claim to have to morals; well get some when it comes to providing health care for everyone. Get over this fear of government and watch your back because the rich are taking you for a ride, and it isn’t on their corporate jets.

    Of course we don’t see a lot of things the same way, but there are a few things we do, and once you stop listening to what ANY media is telling you and actually find out what’s going on. Think about it; do you really think the Republicans in Washington D.C. is looking out for your needs or even the country’s needs when they try to kill Medicare with a voucher program while they hand billions of dollars in tax cuts to those who are the wealthiest among us? If you do; then give me some of that stuff you’ve been smoking!


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    • starseedcommander says:

      Lot’s of rhetoric, lot’s of excuses, lot’s of blame for all. But please, give me any reason, or accomplishment that would make ANYONE vote for Obama, now that we have a track record to measure him by? I’m an independent, but I’ve got to tell you, Ron Paul would not be allowed to run this country because he is SO radical, and yet he is a puppy compared to Obama. Why doesn’t the Democrats back a second person to run against him? The option is there, but America is not ready to see how down and dirty he really is

    • eshoop says:

      fidlerten, You say, “stop arguing over our differences and start looking for solutions that we can all agree on…” But we first have to agree as to what planet we’re on, right?

      On your planet, across the board tax cuts = “billions of dollars in tax cuts to those who are the wealthiest among us” Do I hear you thinking that they don’t pay their fair share?
      On my planet, the ones not paying a fair share are the lowest 47% who pay no Federal income tax… in fact, many get handouts from the IRS.

      On your planet, “…the insurance companies running health care and leaving so many people without something they absolutely need…”
      On my planet, you and you doctor make decisions, and insurance companies let you know when something is not covered by your policy. You decide what coverage you want to pay for, so, that is on you. If a homeowner has a flood, that is not covered by his insurance, he doesn’t whine that they should pay, anyway. We also don’t wait for the house to burn down, before getting fire insurance, and expect the pre-existing condition to be covered.

      I won’t attempt to cover every bizarre notion, but… On my planet, wealth isn’t lying around like a pizza for someone to pig out and leave little for others. Wealth is created by people with entrepreneurial spirit and the willingness to work at it. When they are successful enough to be considered “wealthy,” they are vilified by the envious. BTW- the total wealth, the size of our economy is not static (like a pizza), but grows and shrinks as economic activity waxes and wanes. And, yes, we have a President who believes in “trickle up.” As if a person looking for a job will get hired by that homeless guy. OMG!

  5. Vickus Slightham says:

    Thank you for this very well crafted, genuine, compelling response. I invite you to create threads here as well. May I put them on the marquee? You may reference your site. If you would like to use any of my posts as fodder for discussion / argument, you are welcome. Please provide a link, and let me know ;)

    I like your ‘fear of government’ and selective government arguments, but as beneficial as it would be to have a system where society is looked after through and through, it just is not possible. Taxing the “wealthiest among us” more doesn’t work, because governments spend that money just as quickly and never on what they say, and that is the money that keeps families employed and alive. Nowhere in time or place have your convictions withstood government corruption, greed, megalomania and irresponsibility. It would be nice to have a government and society where nobody suffered, but it is a dream. One can’t structure a giant government setup that is immune to corruption. I think a constant aspect of all my liberal friends’ belief in big government, is their refusal to accept the simple, undeniable realities of human nature. – Corruption always occurs where it can.


  6. fidlerten says:


    Thank you for the very generous invite, and yes; I’d love to post a thread on here and you may put them on the marquee if you’d like.

    Seriously, I’m not so naive that I think corruption won’t still go on and that everything will be perfect. Absolutely not. I do think we should always move forward though, and continue to improve on our government and society by enlightenment and trial and error.

    I do however think the Republicans in Congress’ ideas right now really stink. At least that’s what most Americans are thinking right now. I’m not saying the Democrats have anything better because they haven’t come out with anything. I think the Democrats think that they’ll just sit back and let the Republicans hang themselves out to dry this coming election. I think that’s a big mistake. I think we; the American people expect them all to get something done that will benefit the country. This idea of “No Compromise” is no way to run government.

    I don’t know what will happen this coming election but I think if the Republicans want to have a chance at all; they’d better drop this Ryan plan because it’s sure to ruin them. They all need to sit down; both Republicans and Democrats and work out a plan that will start us on a real path to prosperity.

    I will tell you now that I don’t think you guys have a chance in a heartbeat of beating Barack Obama in this up coming election. No matter what you think of him; his game is a lot sharper than any of the tools you guys got running this time. Probably the only one who I think has a snowball’s chance in hell of beating him is Hunter; and I don’t think even he can do it. I do know that so far, I like what I hear about him. That of course is just my opinion as a liberal.


  7. jecolon says:

    I have been reading some of these remarks and the most silly clueless ones are from a liberal. Let me tell what happen here and I believe that since I came from an assembly of bloggers in 2008 , I am probably right with my presentation. Here you had a woman who wanted to run for the Presidency, and she almost would have won if it wasn’t for some half colored man named Barack H. Obama. And, since I myself am half colored, no, not negro or african american, half colored of skin, or as the world would refer us, mulatto or mulatta, I understand the wisdom behind this decision to race him against the white woman named Hillary. Now, we all know that “race” was used to dismantle her and nobody can say otherwise, but, what wasn’t told by Pelosi and others, is that he wasn’t vetted. Even, the papers in the primary indicating that he was eligible to run was ignored by Pelosi and I believe she will be in front of Congress when the whitehouse is taken back in 2012. Now, most liberals here will say “yeah” right! We know our “savior” is going to win in 2012, but, he isn’t. We will make a predication that if Perry and West line up as a ticket he will lose. If Romney and Cain line as a ticket he will lose. But if Palin is VP or President he will surely win. But, Palin will not be chosen by the teaparty or Republicans . This is too important for our Republic. Now, the supoena are out there concerning his birth, but, the mainmedia is not reporting this so most of you don’t really know what is happening, that is, the liberals. The supoenas are out there for his fraulent social security, but, the media is not reporting this fraud. Now, if I want to insert Judeo-Christian views of mine into this strange “behavior” of the media, then I can say that “the Prince of Air (waves) in the universe that makes up the darkness has given “authority” to a man who will be a great speaker, he will rule at the time that bar-coding has taken over and you cannot buy or sell without this procedure, he will think that he is “the blessed one”,the name Beast will be present around this person and he will have a large scar wound on his head that has healed. He will a great authority over a “great nation”. But, this man will be rule only 42 months. Now, let us take Obama’s presence. Obama ‘s had a large scar wound over his head and his medical records are sealed so we have no idea what the hell it is all about. Obama is driven in a bullet proof car named the Beast. Obama ‘s middle name is translated into “the blessed one”. He has great authority on a super power named America. He is governing in the world where we only use bar-code to buy and sell. And, he has a control of the Air-waves given to him by darkness. I, say, we are pretty close to know who the hell he is, but, if we are faithful , we also have good people that will remove him by 42 months. Do your math. He will not be the President in 2012. Now, I know alot of the disgusting liberals are coming at me with haterd, but, I don’t give a rat ass. If the shoe fit, wear it.

    • fidlerten says:

      I found most of what you had to say very nonfactual. More based on untruths. Also, I happen to be very versed on the bible as I also write a spiritual blog. In fact, you seem to have jumped over several important points made in Revelations where you’re getting your information. The beast was wounded to death and was healed. This is when the world begins to worship the beast; after he was healed.

      “And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast.” Revelations 13:3

      You also fail to mention the seven heads and ten crowns. I can walk you through the scriptures if you’d like and we can have a bible discussion, and I can point out to you that the seven heads stands for seven mountains and the seven crowns stands for ten kings.

      I will also tell you that when the beast reveals himself to the world, the people who will be the first to follow will be religious people.

      I do think that you have accused Obama of things that you have no real facts on but nonsense and a built up sense of fear. If you want to talk about Obama, then the only things you should talk about are the things he has done or said; not some kind of conspiracy put on by a lot of people who are respectable people, like government officials in Hawaii and hospital employees and newspaper people. As far as I’m concerned, it wouldn’t matter what Obama showed you, you’ve already found him guilty as charged by proof of your innuendos and false information.

      How about lets talk about the real issues and get off of this little evil conspiracies theories. I think that’s why some of you go on the way you do about this crap is simply you have no idea on how to fix anything; just keep protecting the rich from paying taxes and making up conspiracy theories about the black guy in the White House. Frankly, many of us Americans are sick of it.

      When Obama tells us to start worshiping him I’ll start listening to you, but until then, I think I’ll stick to the facts.

  8. Udet says:

    I am a fiscal conservative. It seems clear that fidlerten and I live in alternate universes. Fidlerten bases his thinking on the basic premises of liberalism, which ignores human nature. Human nature is the obstacle to the success of human societies. It is in particular the capacity for self-deception that allows people to be so corrupt once in power. I believe all these politicians go to Washington initially intending to do good. But within a short time they become addicted to the power, and esteem that is accorded to otherwise unremarkable people, that they will do anything, including wasting a trillion dollars, to continue in ther positions. What has transpired is that the Democrats, and to a lesser extent the Republicans, have developed a vote-buying mechanism whereby they give out goodies to their followers such as Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, unemployment benefits, and now ‘Obamacare’, in return for votes. Politicians may delude themseleves that they are doing this to help people, but in truth they are doing it to be re-elected. The bad effects are that people become addicted to the handouts. The US was once a country where people were too proud to take handouts, but now they regard all the handouts as ‘entitlements’, and their is no shame in living off the labors of others.
    Washington is broken, and profoundly corrupt.

  9. Udet says:

    I am a fiscal conservative. It seems clear that Fidlerten and I live in alternate universes. Fidlerten bases his thinking on the basic premises of liberalism, which ignores human nature. Human nature is the obstacle to the success of human societies, as was recognized by the founding fathers. It is in particular the capacity for self-deception that allows people to be so corrupt once in power. I believe all these politicians go to Washington initially intending to do good. But within a short time they become addicted to the power, and the esteem that is accorded to otherwise unremarkable people, that they will do anything, including wasting a trillion dollars, to continue in their positions. What has transpired is that the Democrats, and to a lesser extent the Republicans, have developed a vote-buying mechanism whereby they give out goodies to their followers such as Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, unemployment benefits, and now ‘Obamacare’, in return for votes. Politicians may delude themseleves that they are doing this to help people, but in truth they are doing it to be re-elected. The bad effects are that people become addicted to the handouts. The US was once a country where people were too proud to take handouts, but now they regard all the handouts as ‘entitlements’, and there is no shame in living off the labors of others.
    Washington is broken, and profoundly corrupt. I can see no other remedy right now but term limits. This alone can remove the insatiable desire for re-election at any cost. We are 14 trillion dollars in debt. If we continue to borrow 40 cents of every dollar the Fedral government spends, within a very short time, perhaps as little as five years, our economy will collapse. I simply want a government that lives, as I do, within its means. We must slash spending. I am prepared to receive greatly reduced social security payments (I am retired), and all the ‘entitlements’ should be means tested. I cannot see the logic of struggling young people paying huge taxes so that rich old people can receive all these benefits. They should only be for those in real need. We should also slash military spending by at least 50%. We also will have to raise income taxes on the wealthiest people if we are to have any hope of paying off our debts. The taxes we do need to cut are the company taxes – ours are currently the highest in the developed world, and a major hindrance to investment in this country. If we do not do these things, and continue to believe the Democrat’s false promises that we can continue in the current fool’s paradise, then our future is grim indeed.

    • fidlerten says:

      You said a lot of true things but you mixed it in with a great deal of partisanship.

      For one thing, I maybe be a Democrat, but I’m not stupid enough to believe that Medicare and Social Security doesn’t have to change, but how it changes is what’s important to me.

      Also, when you talk about entitlement programs; lets not forget that both Medicare and Social Security are programs that deduct money from everyone’s paycheck throughout their lives. Now maybe that amount was not enough and they should have taken more, but the point I make is that the U.S. Government made a deal with us when they began deducting that money; that if we allow them to force us to pay into that system; it would be there for us when we grow old.

      Now here you’re talking like it’s just old people’s welfare.

      Then you went on about the deficit and the cost but what do you think it takes to get rid of the deficit? People need to get back to work, but what do you think needs to be done to get them back to work?

      Also, I like a lot of Democrats don’t like the idea of a welfare system that allows able-bodied people sit around on their butts and do nothing. I believe strongly in working, but I also believe strongly in good benefits for all workers and good pay. If one small portion of Americans are getting richer and prospering, then I think all working portions of Americans who made it possible for that small portion to get rich; should also be prospering and enjoying the finer things of life.

      As far as I’m concerned; we should have a Community Jobs program that pays at least minimum wage instead of a welfare program. If a person doesn’t have a job and needs help; he can sign up at the “Community Jobs” office and they’ll be given a choice of community based work programs, which will help us keep our communities cleaner and other constructive types of jobs. They will be paid and won’t be without a job. When they finally get a job in the private sector; they can stop working community jobs and stop getting a paycheck from the government.

      I’m about working people, not bums who don’t want to work. I do think working people are the ones who are getting stiffed in this country.

      As far as term limits; I’m sorry, I’d like to have experienced people in Washington. Experience doesn’t corrupt, it’s money. Take the money out of politics and you’ll take out the corruption.

      I do agree with several of your points but it isn’t the Democrats who are screwing over the country. Really it isn’t the Republicans either. Both parties are corrupt though we do disagree on who’s the more corrupt. Who is screwing up this country and robbing us blind is the super rich and the Republicans are the ones who are trying so hard to protect them. I refer to the Republican politicians in Washington because I actually think many of the average Republicans out there are waking up to the fact that the rich should be paying their fair share too.

  10. Kratsuli says:

    I concur with UDet. On everything except on increasing taxes on the wealthiest people. That just makes you feel better as a punishment type thing. It does not increase money to the government at all. To your point, our tax rates are already high, and the wealthiest people have the means to move all their money to where ever they want in the world. If their money is in the US, they can spend it or invest it here – which is the real thing that benefits us all. The huge corporation I work for is now incorporated outside of the US after being incorporated in the U.S. for over 100 years. Their tax money is now not benefiting the US at all. People can behave exactly the same way. Tax shelters in Bermuda and the multi-thousand page tax code are filled with ways for the hyper wealthy to pay less in tax than we do. They can hire a staff of lawyercountants to figure out how to do it all. John Kerry’s Yacht anyone? This country does not have a problem with the money the govt is raising, just with how much it is spending. Entitlement change is coming. Either sooner with some sort of ability to plan, or later when the change is forced on us by the insolvency of all the programs, most of the 57 states, and the whole federal government.

    • fidlerten says:


      I get your point about businesses moving over seas but you have to realize that we really can’t compete against a dollar a day wages, no matter how much we try. Those countries that allow such wages are not what this country is all about, and that’s the only way we can compete with those other countries for businesses that are more concerned with making bigger profits than it is in making quality products made by Americans.

      We need to make America a place that big business can thrive, but also small businesses. We also have to have an America that working people can thrive and that’s not what’s going on now. It isn’t because taxes are too high on businesses but about greed. These companies can thrive in America but their profit line is just not as high as it is in some third world countries with their sweat shops.
      I don’t have all the answers but allowing big corporations blackmail us into letting them get away with not paying their fair share in this country; or they’ll pack it up and go somewhere else. I believe they’ll go anyway because we Americans are never going to accept being paid what many foreign workers are being paid in sweat shops, and that’s what road we’re going down.
      Why do you think guys like the Koch brothers are throwing so much money into a state like Wisconsin and other states to overturn public union rights? Believe me; next will be the private unions. They want to turn us into one of those countries that allows them to pay chicken feed to their workers. Is that what you want for America, because these guys threaten to take their business elsewhere? Let them; there will be new businesses rising out of the ashes and thriving in a place called America; a place that dreams do come true for the multitudes; not the select few.

  11. mnbvc137 says:

    I know some of my earlier comments have been removed. Because I am just a “silly Liberal” none the less I’m trying to “dare to reply” I want to know what you people are all about and why.

  12. Vickus Slightham says:

    Sorry mnbvc137,
    The only comment I have removed from my site, recently, was one sick post by someone claiming that the South Park episode ( which insulted the Tea Party) was a good one. I tivo and love South Park. That episode was sick, pitiful, even for Parker and Stone. Look, I will include any post that promotes a topic worthy of the other users’ attention. That post was mindless. It is why I have a posting failsafe, so rubbish like that can’t spam my site to death.
    Nobody is politically contemptible. I don’t believe in silly ideas. It is the battle of ideas that has made our country the best in the world. There are silly ideas, but they must be debated, tested and see if they stand. Please post your ideas again, so I can let everyone see them.

    • fidlerten says:

      I understand what you mean about “sick post” I get them all the time on my blog. A lot of it’s just someone trying to advertise through my blog. I moderate everything posted, but I will allow post of anything that isn’t too profane or completely off subject.

  13. mnbvc137 says:

    Ok fair enough, one thing that I noticed right away about this website is that you have a little blurb about John Stewart and Jay Lenno but why nothing about Stephen Colbert? Not saying that I fully agree with either one.

  14. blujonny says:

    I believe though that we also don’t know enough about corporations. For instance, does the media ever point out the hundreds of millions of dollars it costs oil companies just to explore new areas of oil exploration? I’m not saying that they don’t have soaring profits but we just assume all of their profits allow their CEO’s to live even richer lives….can those CEO’s really live any richer than they already are? The other reality is that you don’t see too many people with engineering or computer science degrees worried about job availability. It’s people with ‘factory’ skills which worry about their jobs going overseas. If you’re stuck working a factory job in a small town, it’s because education failed you. It didn’t offer you the training to figure out what unique skill set you had to offer in life which in turn didn’t allow you to build the necessary confidence to create your own job or to locate where those jobs might be. Also, it’s unnatural to allow an economy like the U.S. to stymie with all of its people stuck in ‘factory’ minded jobs or that kind of mindset. We have a ‘survival of the fittest’ education system at the moment which is full of classes based on intellectual fluff and antiquated focuses on math, science and history. This is not 21st century learning by any means. Where’s the classes on personal finance and interpersonal communication or entrepreneurialism? Where’s the career assessment classes in school? Where’s the school programs that should be aimed at getting 18 year olds into internships?

    • mnbvc137 says:

      I agree with your first section about the CEO’s and the public not knowing enough about what corporations are doing. But your stance on how education is failing the younger generation is a little misinformed. It’s true people with manufacturing jobs are going over seas, people who work in call centres etc… are going over seas. There’s no stopping that. That’s the way the US economy is set up. Saying that education failed the people and you weren’t presented with the opportunities is totally ridiculous. In North America we are used to life being relatively easy and shouldn’t have to work really really hard to become successful. (But i’m not saying people don’t work hard) It’s just compared to a country like India the only way to survive or get a job as a night shift in a call centre is to be top in your class of over 500 people. The only way for people in North America to continue to be successful is to dominate in the fields of Science, Math and even business! There are a lot of business schools out there so don’t say there aren’t. Maybe getting a portion of our jobs put over seas can be a little bit of a wake up call to our society. And make us realize that we have to move forward because the world isn’t gonna wait up for us.

      • Vickus Slightham says:

        There is a simple way to stop exportation of our jobs, – million dollar fines, and financial rewards for people who inform.
        Used to life being relatively easy? Dream on. Those days are long over. This isn’t the 80s anymore. Until we have another president like Reagan who understands national economics, and is not a European style socialism pusher, our America will be a very big third world country. It’s already happening.

  15. Vickus Slightham says:

    A portion of our jobs are already overseas. With Some of our many jobs, politicians have allowed it so that illegals can slip right in and take the job away from a needy American citizen. Also, there is no national unity on the importance of refusing illegals.

    Illegal immigration problems could be solved by imposing prison sentences on employers who hire illegals and deporting illegals. The problem could be solved in less than a year, with some highly publicized forewarnings and sentencing.

    Please comment on this here

  16. Udet says:

    I have been reading the comments of Fidlerten and Blujonny and others, and they all make a lot of valid points. I am a fiscal conservative. This does not mean I approve of people running banks making $M100 per annum – the problem is that all attempts to stop this make things worse. As kratsuli points out, the rich have many tools to avoid taxation. And don’t think the Democrats are not also in bed with the rich – probably even more so than the Republicans. All the bailouts have been a favor in return for massive campaign contributions (better known as bribes). I still believe that term limits are the way to go. Someone said they want ‘experience’ in Washington. Are you kidding? The experience these people in Washington have is in corruption and thievery. The only way to cut down on the latter is to slash the size of government. I actually worked in a government organization for ten years. The whole thing was a waste of the taxpayer’s money, and we would have been better off if the organization did not exist.
    I want the ordinary man on the street to be doing well (I am one myself). Unions are not the way to get there – unions exist only for the benefit of those running the unions. Unions have destroyed the steel industry, the auto industry, education, and on and on. They institute inflexible work rules that make it impossible for US companies to compete. And now with this thing with the NLRB and Boeing in South Carolina, they will either destroy our aircraft manufacturing industry, or drive it off-shore. One reason that the US cannot compete anymore is because the dollar is grossly over-valued. It’s the same problem that Greece has with the Euro as its currency – it cannot compete anymore, and should go back to the Drachma. We need to devalue the Dollar by at least 50% to become competitive again. (I give Geithner credit – I think this is what he is trying to do.) This would give everyone, including CEO’s, a wage cut. Then the jobs would come floodiing back into the US, provided the unions didn’t start demanding impossible wages. We would have austerity for a while, but economic viability and prosperity would slowly return.

  17. RH says:

    I would like to add a point about human actions and pollution causing global warming: China has a lot to answer for.
    It is clear that not every country believes that pollution is something to be avoided or regulated: you fly over western Europe and the Americas, and the sky is clear; you fly over Communist China and industrialized Russia and it is blanketed in thick smog. China and Russia are ruled by centralized governments, – which the Left in the USA is trying to enforce on all US citizens! Centralized governments do not care about citizens, – citizens are a means to an end. Citizens’ health and quality of life are of no interest to a socialist-communist central government, as we will discover if we allow Obama a second term.

  18. RH says:

    May 1, 2011, Los Angeles…
    Have you seen this reported in the media?
    Can you believe it? This is in California, not in Cuba, or North Korea!!!
    You should now believe that everything is possible unless you act to prevent it.
    Go to……

  19. Udet says:

    Fidlerten. I am glad you are responding. What evidence do you have that Republicans are megalomaniacs trying to become fabulously rich at any cost? Most of the rich people in the Senate and the Congress are Democrats, like Kerry, who just married his money. The Clintons made $100,000,000 dollars out of him being President. Is that what being President is supposed to be about? What about George Soros, who has made his fabulous wealth by destroying the wealth of countries by destroying their currencies? He spends his billions on promoting socialism and far-left causes. Where is the Republican counterpart? I actually believe that Soros is interested in destroying the dollar to enrich himself. He has bought 11 tons of gold – a bet against the dollar. It is he who will do anything for money. During WWII he guided Nazis to homes who were hiding Jewish families. So you think the Democrats will create a paradise on earth? Let’s see – has this ever worked? Perhaps the Soviet Union? Communist China? Cuba? Cambodia? All these were/are nightmare societies where one has no rights, and lives in poverty. The Democratic party has a totalitarian instinct. It is the Dems who want to close down Fox News and talk radio with the ‘fairness doctrine’. Socialism always operates by silencing the opposition, because it cannot survive where there is free speech. CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NYT, Washington Post, are all just propaganda arms of the Democratic party, and would be allowed to survive.
    I live in fear of the Democratic party achieving its aims of total control – no more inconvenient elections, no more free speech. On that day Fidlerten you might rejoice, just as the peoples of the Soviet Union or China rejoiced when communism took over. 100 million deaths later, they have learned otherwise.
    Fidlerten, who are the Republicans? They are the middle class, small businessmen, farmers, etc. Attend a tea-party function and talk to people and you will find out that that is who they are. I am not myself a Republican, but a fiscal conservative. All I want is for the government to balance its books and live within its means, as we all have to do. People should display personal responsibility, and not depend on the state. The policies of the Dems have over the last fifty years destroyed the American family and the American work ethic, and almost bankrupted us. I want us to get back to a society that rewards work rather than indolence. Otherwise we are headed for being the late great USA.

  20. blujonny says:

    I think all politicians want to have as much glory as possible whether it’s power in personal financial gain or power as far as political control. If you look at the few companies that control our food industry from top to bottom you’ll also see a hell of a lot of politicians firmly entrenched in those companies making sure there is a monopoly on how our meat and produce are produced and subsidized in order to make these companies, their company officers and directors a guaranteed lifetime sense of power and unlimited financial security. All politicians look out only for themselves if you only look deep enough.

  21. blujonny says:

    Somehow I don’t see a lot of training on how to run your own business in junior high and high school. Look at any college curriculums and then try and parallel those with most junior highs and high schools. There’s an obvious early lack of preparation in the earlier schools for these programs. Kids should be taking assessment tests in schools which push them towards one of these college fields and it should be done in elementary school. Not all kids just stumble into the right career path. There are quite a few career mongrels out there who need far more time to find their correct career and spending a ton of money in college to find this out is not financially feasible for most people. It’s not always as cut and dry as diagnosing someone as a doctor, teacher, engineer or scientist. There are far more people out there who have tendencies in each but not enough in each, not to mention artistic elements.

  22. Vickus Slightham says:

    A whole new set of topics at the top, on the marquee.

  23. pweiters9 says:

    12/3/11, @Fidlerten, the street rabble is being orchestrated by somebody; most likely BO&Co. Politicians come & go but this is the most corrupt & cunning I’ve ever seen. OWS is BO’s people; in spite of Cain’s downfall, I & the rest of the sane people left in the US will send BO to Zuccotti Park permanently. ~~OMG~~Obama must go. :{>

  24. Hat In Ring says:

    I’ve posted this message all over the web and I hope other people will post their concerns about about our sovereignty being given away for profit if indeed these T.V. stations are in fact buying off our politicians to secure a profit for spanish media in the U.S.

    NBC owns the spanish T.V. station Telemundo. The Texas Pacific Group owns the spanish T.V. station Univision. We all know these television stations need spanish speaking people to profit. The question is, how much money do these spanish T.V. station owners funnel to our politicians to keep the borders open? Are politicians granting amnesty to illegals to keep a money flow from spanish T.V. stations?


  25. Udet says:

    Reading your marvelous website is a fairly depressing exercise. Last night Rick Santorum handsomely won the Missouri and Colorado primaries. He is clearly the most conservative candidate, and the only one who has genuine conservative credentials. Is he electable? I certainly hope so. Ronald Reagan was considered unelectable, so we shall see. If any one of the four candidates is nominated, I will vote for them. Ron Paul has many good ideas, but I am sure he is actually unelectable. I am not sure why Romney is running. Does he actually have some vision for the country? Or is it just a personal ambition? Newt Gingrich can debate marvelously, and has ten ideas every day, three of which are brilliant, but no-one knows which the three are. I think he is a loose cannon. I get the sense that Rick Santorum actually wants to save the country. This right now is the only valid motive for wanting to be President. We are staring disaster in the face, and the causes of that disaster are twofold. One is the grotesque fiscal irresponsibility of the Federal government, which has racked up 16 trillion dollars in debt. The other is the social and moral decay that has afflicted this country, which is promoted by our educational system, and our current culture. Even if the Republicans win the Presidency, the Senate, and the House, will they, or can they, do the things we need to save this country? Or will it just be ‘business as usual’? If it is the latter, then we are in deep trouble indeed.
    Many have pointed out things we need to do on this website, and some of these are:
    Slash government spending. I would suggest an immediate cut of 16% on all federal programs, followed by a 1% per annum cut for the next ten years – and this means real cuts, no cuts to projected annual increases in spending, so-called ‘base-line budgeting’
    Turn social security into an investment program. The SS adnistration has a record of how much each of us has paid in over the years. Return it to us with an annual 3% compound interest rate over all that time, with the stipulation that it must be invested in an approved annuity, and the capital cannot be touched. The inflow of money into the stock market would cause a huge boom, create jobs, and in the long run young people would receive far more money than they could ever hope to receive from SS.
    Make the whole country a ‘right to work’ country. Unions have destroyed many industries in this country, and no longer serve any useful purpose. This would help to get our education system, which has been destroyed by teacher’s unions, back on the right track.
    Institute term limits for the Senate and House, and also the Supreme Court. Also, repeal the 17th amendment. At the present time the Senate serves no useful purpose. Return it to the intentions of the Founders, who intended the Senate to represent the States. Senators should be appointed to a single term of six years by the State goverments, two per state.
    Liberalize health care insurance. Make it purchaseable across state lines, make the large deductible insurance policy the norm.
    Cut company tax to 0%. At 35% we currently have the highest company tax rate in the world, which makes doing business here very unattractive. I also would favor a sales tax of 20% on everything. Do you see the brilliance of these two things? There would be no tax on anything made here, and the 20% sales tax would hamstring imports.
    I would welcome other proposals/comments on thes few ideas, that are only a start.

  26. lhchick says:

    I,ve always hated the words loser, idiot and stupid, but waht can I say. When 90% of the wealth in in 1% of the rich hands, what solution does this offer? Captialism has and is ruining this world. Greed is ruining this world. People like the Koch Bros and you are ruining this world just for your own selfish greedy purpose. So what does the Tea Party and Republicans offer? Toltarian and facism society and slavery to the rich. You must be an advocate of the New World Order? You are misleding people and yourself. You must be anti christ. Rick Sortorum and many other republicans belong to Knights of Malta, read their oath, then decide if they are right for this country. I,m tried of you Tea Party Republicans lying.Your being decieved in as big way and helping them with their evil agenda. When you want to put millions of elderly, disabled people on the street, something is wrong? You call everything socialism, but what is it that your doing. When Republicans and tea party cry freedom they mean freedom to continue in their sinster greedy sinister ways.America needs change, but not the change republicans and tea party want.You people are destroying the earth because of your greed. Stop your lies we see through them and do your homework and get your facts right and stop lying to real American citizens, just to fullfill your agenda.

    • dshevlin says:

      @ Ihchick – You want and are putting the middle class out on the street with Grama, and you’re ok with that. Do you not see all the foreclosures? That is because of BO. Face it, you are wrong and you are causing America’s pain. GW is long gone and nothing is better, NOTHING!!! It is worse then ever, are you so blind that you do not see this? Why do you think an idiot in our WH should get to do more damage to Americans? WHY? Because you do not like them because they believe in FREEDOM? America has not been able to do better then 1.9% GDP growth. Keep that in mind fool, 1.9%. That is a pathetic fact of a direct result of your prez. Face it, he SUCKS! You got nothing but kaka in your words. You are a bigot and I want you to feel the pain you are causing by supporting this evil administration. You have forgotten one very important point. WE PAY!

  27. freeman7 says:

    Obamaz promised to raise gasoline prices to $10.00 a gallon. He wants to fix it so middle and working class Americans cannot afford to drive to work. He knows that if the sleeping mass of white sheeple are totally involved in working two or three nickle and dime jobs, they will “never have time” to oppose Obama’s black supremacist communism.
    The most disappointing factor in this chaos is the terror which most white people feel that prevents them from criticizing black racism. In addition most white people are too lazy and scared to get organized to protect their own livelihood and civil rights.
    As a result, we are all bound for slavery.
    That slavery will be presided over by black racists, moslems and communists. Obama is all three and he is not a citizen either.
    Is there anyone out there who will spit in their eye and organize to oust our enemies from power? Will you join me or shall I join you?
    My motto is’: Front towards Enemy (like the Claymore)

    • dshevlin says:

      I am freeman! At least I am going to try. Calling an attorney today to see if I can get the ball rolling. I plan to sue the federal government for making conditions so poor that you can not earn, for pain & suffering, for rewarding wrong doers and punishing bona fide-ness, for using our own tax dollars to force our demise, for forcing me to pay for others and other things I do not need and therefore leaving me unable to pay for the things I do need. For foreclosing on people who have paid, for letting people steel money, for forcing businesses to close, for taking our property that was given to us by God through the fruits of our labors. I will sit on my porch with my gun and shoot Chase if they try to kick me out. I am not kidding anymore, I have had enough BS!! Watch for me because I am sure I will make so much noise that it will make the news. Be great if you and others like you were to stand beside me as the strength is in numbers. Liberals, stay the hell out of my way because you are also on my target list, you want 4 more years of this criminal activity, then I want you to feel my pain.

  28. john liming says:

    I cannot at this point help but wonder what the future of Conservative Talk Radio will be.

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